Cable Ramps, Speed ramps, Hose Ramps and Kerb Ramps for hire or sale.

One Stop have a range of Cable ramps, Speed ramps, and Kerb ramps. The cable ramps are a heavy duty cable protector. The ramps prevent exposed cables from being a danger to pedestrians while allowing vehicles up to 10tn to pass over. The ramps have a Hi-Visibility lid that allows access to the cable channels and have an anti-slip tread.

We also stock Hose Ramps, with a channel size of up to 102mm x 95mm that can withstand buses and HGV’s. The HR4 Hose ramp is 320mm wide x 840mm but only 100mm high. They are made from solid reinforced rubber and include yellow high-visibility reflectors.

One Stop’s Speed bumps, are available in 50mm or 75mm heights. They include yellow high-visibility sections with reflectors and can support 20,000kgs.
Our Kerb ramps, provide safe ramp access for wheelchairs or pushchairs up to 250kg. Multiserve’s kerb ramps comply with “wheel chair boarding ramp” specifications and are suitable for kerb heights from 60mm to 160mm..

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